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Current Training Opportunities/Upcoming Events

2019 Preretirement Seminar

The instructor for this day is contracted by First Command Educational Services and paid by the FEB; these sessions are educational ONLY. The instructor holds neither license nor affiliation with any financial products. You can download the registration form here:

2019 Leadership Series

Information on this year’s classroom leadership development program is provided here:

2019 Annual FEB Awards Ceremony

To see the high performing federal employees honored during this year’s ceremony, click here:

President Trump’s Proclamation PresidentTrumpPSRW.pdf

Hatch Act Information & Briefing documents

Hatch Act Information

Past Training

February 2018

(NEW) February 5: What’s in Your Retirement Wallet?, 1210 Corbin Street, Elizabeth, NJ

*******Elizabeth, NJ Driving Instructions         FEB 1210 Corbin St Parking Details*******

February 6: Defensive Driving for the state of NY, 290 Broadway, NYC, NY (Pre-Function Area)

February 6: What’s in Your Retirement Wallet?, 290 Broadway, NYC, NY (Conf. Rooms 1-3)

February 7: What’s in Your Retirement Wallet?, 26 Federal Plaza, NYC, NY (6th Fl. Conf. Rooms A-C)

February 8: What’s in Your Retirement Wallet?, 1210 Corbin Street, Elizabeth, NJ

To sign up for the “Defensive Driving Class,” fill this form out!

2.6.2018 FEB Defensive Driving Form Feb 2018

To sign up for the “What’s in Your Retirement Wallet?,” find us on eventbrite. Seats are limited.
See a preview of the agenda!

NEW Session2.5.2018 Federal Retirement Training Agenda Newark NJ

2.6.2018 Federal Retirement Training Agenda 290 Broadway   

2.7.2018 Federal Retirement Training Agenda 26 Federal Plaza

2.8.2018 Federal Retirement Training Agenda Newark NJ         

Presentations for the Feb. 2018 Retirement Training!

Retirement Training Presentation – TSP 2018 A to Z PDF – OGC


SEC TSP_Program_Investment_Products

SSA – Presentation

Additional resources:

How to set-up a Social Security Account